Work From Home Essential Products

Work from Home (WFH) essential products makes your corner or sitting area organized and increase your productivity.

It is essential to create a space or a corner at home dedicated to sitting for a longer period. Innov8 curated the list of Top Work for Home Essential Products available in India. The Pandemic taught us many things, be it good or bad, it changed the work culture during the COVID-19 period and will bring new developments post-pandemic, as work from home culture comes as a new wave. Now, rushing to the office is no longer a routine.

Work from Home Products

During the pandemic, most of the companies have encouraged employees to work from home and now in near future, it is expected to grow in greater numbers. This new WFH culture brought new health challenges as well, as working from the comfort of home brings posture issues, back pain, neck pain, and mild body aches. Must have WFH Products to increase productivity


SMARDEVIL’s Small USB mini Fan suitable for the Desk and carries along. Size: 5.63X3.47X6.65 inches. The Fan is powered by USB (No Battery), compatible with Laptop/PC, car charger, mobile charger, and other USB-powered devices. Top Features include: Easy to Clean, 20-degree Adjustable Angle, Very Quiet Operation, Infinity Variables of Speed (180-degree adjustable Knob), One Button Control.

Small USB Fan for Essential products work from home


ViewSonic’s Ultra-Portable 16-inch Touch Monitor, Easy to carry along as it weighs less than 1 kg. The 10 points projected capacitive FHD Display comes with 6H built-in screen, magnetic detachable cover. Moreover, it even supports both horizontal and vertical layouts. Above all, users can extend the screen from laptops/phones/tablets for doing mobile work, presentations, or entertainment purposes. 2-way powered 60WUSB Type-C, dual speaker, and frameless design makes it worth buying.

Portable Dual Monitor for Essential products work from home

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TONSYL’s Cup warmer not only heats the coffee/tea/drink but also maintains the temperature (55°C) throughout the day. All through the day, it keeps the coffee/tea/drink ready to sip at any time. Moreover, a ceramic Mug with a smart heating pad makes it an essential item. Most importantly, the warmer plate comes with gravity induction technology auto and shut-off mode. Best gift idea for Birthday/Valentine’s.

Smart Cup Coffee Warmer for Essential products work from home


SOLARA’s unique motivational quote and time-marked 1-liter vibrant color water bottle, inspire to drink water while working from home or office. Its leak-proof design, easy to sip flip-top lid with a wide mouth is easy to carry along. In addition, the bottle is 100% BPA-free and easy to clean. Must for fitness freaks, who wants to weight loss and appetite control.

Water bottle unbreakable for Essential products work from home

5. Business Desk LED Light Lamp

Iger’s LED portable Table Lamp designed by iGear Asia is flexible to move in all four directions. Eventually, Lights up the desktop with its ABS Leathrite like finish. DeskLite+ is a portable LED lamp with time, clock & temperature display functions giving it a complete finish and making it the best addition to the desk. In addition, features like 3-grade brightness touch dimmer, easy to use with a built-in battery (2000 mAh) with options to use it with a wall socket or with a power bank makes it worth spending. In conclusion, useful product as a study lamp or for late-night work.

LED Light Lamp for Essential products work from home


TUKZER’s Keyboard Wrist Pad or Cushion is most suitable for Laptops/Computer/Mouse. Specially, designed to improve the hand, wrist posture and remove shoulder and elbow stress while working for long hours on a  desktop. The best thing is its non-slip base prevents sliding. Lycra fabric is used which is comfortable, breathable, and best suited for Gamers, writers, IT people who are engaged at long typing works. Ergonomic design helps to relieve the stress and fatigue of the wrist.

Wrist Rest Pad for Essential products work from home

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HealthSense designed & developed the cushion considering the current COVID-19 situation for the people working from home. Interestingly, it not only improves the spinal alignment and gesture but also gives relief from the lower back problems, plus it has 8-magnets for better blood circulation. High-density (4lb) memory foam retains its shape irrespective of usage duration. The 2 x 3D mesh fabric covers to avoid the accumulation of moisture and heat, specially designed to fit any seating arrangement and any age group and thus best suitable for gifting.

Orthopedic Back rest cushion for Essential products work from home


Homedics brand developed portable speaker helps sound asleep and obsolete unwanted sounds in a room. Furthermore, it also helps while working from home. In addition to that, it comes with 6 digitally recorded nature sounds for a relaxing experience. Most important, it is compact and handy to carry along the trips. Moreover, it has auto-off timers and a volume adjustable controller. A portable speaker can be plugged into a wall adapter or can be powered with a ‘4 aa’ battery.

Noise relaxation Speaker for Essential products work from home


STIFF developed a multipurpose laptop stand with a mobile holder. It will be a great addition to the workspace. As the ventilation stand has large cutout vents, which helps the laptop from overheating, even when used for long hours. In addition to that, easy to place in seven different positions from 2.7-6.7 inches which makes it comfortable throughout. This helps the body to relax and straighten the posture. The lightweight frame is made of hard plastic that’s thin enough to be folded neatly into a bag and can withstand a laptop weighing up to 25 kilograms.

Adjustable Laptop Stand for Essential products work from home

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GREEN SOUL’s Jupiter Superb style is designed for work from home purposes. Its ergonomics design not only helps for comfortable seating but also improves posture and relieves back pain. The 4-way adjustable headset is designed for the most comfortable position to the neck and head. Surprisingly, the backrest can be locked at a different angle. The Jupiter chair is compact, spacious, and has comfortable lumbar support suitable to work for long hours. 

Ergonomic Chair work from home for Essential products work from home


URBAN TRIBE‘s LAPLOW lap desk for laptops is an ideal choice for working from home. Interestingly, this laptop desk can be used for a pillow as it is high-density sponge foam. Further, the Laplow also has 4 side pockets to store smartphones and other accessories as well it has a wrist feature to provide comfort for long hours. Compatible with all laptops up to 15.6 inches.

Lapdesk for Laptop for Essential products work from home


METRON designed a footrest for under desk office chair leg feet supportive cushion and is a comfortable ergonomic solution to help take some pressure off during the workday. Also, it keeps the feet and legs elevated off the floor for less strain, fatigue and promotes blood circulation. In addition to that, a footrest helps to reduce cramping, numbness throughout the day of sitting at a workstation. This awesome foot cushion features a removable, machine-washable Polycotton cover for easy cleaning. The cover is also built with a non-slip tread for better stability during usage

Footrest Under Desk for Essential products work from home

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