WhatsApp launched it’s ‘View Once’ Privacy Feature

WhatsApp has finally rolled out its ‘View Once‘ disappearing photo and video feature. It will give more privacy to the user. Under this feature, users can send any video or photo under View Once mode. Any photo and video sent through this mode can be shared only once.

For the privacy, you can send photos and videos that disappear from your WhatsApp chat after the recipient has opened them once.


Image credit : Whatsapp

As of now, this feature has been made available for Android specific. If you also want to use this feature, then you have to update your WhatsApp app on Google Play Store. the style of in-app message notification has also changed. As soon as you see this photo or video, you will see Opened instead of that message and that photo or video will disappear. You can’t forward, save, star, or share photos or videos that were sent or received with ‘view once’ media enabled.

Media will expire automatically in 14 days if remained unopened. In view once feature, media will not be included in the backup and can’t be restored.

How to send photo-video on WhatsApp under View Once

• First, you have to go to the chat window of the person you want to message.

• Now tap on the message box. Now tap on the icon with the attachment.

• Then select any video or photo from your Gallery which you want to send.

• After this, You will see in Add a caption section , On right corner Tap on ‘1’ 

• Then a pop-up will appear in which you have to tap on Ok. After that tap on the send icon.

• The photo or video will not be visible to you and to whom you sent this message. It will show only photo written. As soon as the receiver clicks on it, he will see the photo or video. At the same time, as soon as he closes the photo, he will see Opened instead of the message.

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