Road Trip Essential Checklist

The right planning gives a sense of relief to travelers and makes the journey memorable. Road Trip Essential Checklist.

Road Trip Essential Checklist is a must when you plan to travel along with friends and family.

Being a traveler is a great thing as it gives a new meaning to life and gives a new dimension to one’s persona. Journey to any new place is itself a whole new experience and has its own perks. People travel for many reasons and this could be either solo trips, road trips, family holidays, adventures, or business purposes.  Road Trip essential products are a must for any outdoor adventure.

We travel to experience a different kind of relaxation and to explore the different things we don’t get to see in our normal world. We also travel because we want to understand the different cultures from all across the globe. Everyone needs to plan before any trip. The right planning gives a sense of relief to travelers and makes the journey memorable.

Road Trip Essential Checklist


CLUEMARTS’s camping gas stove is essential for any road trips/picnics/camping/hiking. Foldable and easy to carry along as it weighs 0.5kgs. The superlight and sturdy stove can handle a weight of up to 5-6 kg. It can withstand cookware dimensions up to a 10.2-inch diameter. The stove consists of an inbuilt lighter, adjustable fuel flow level knob, foldable metal feet, and anti-slip support arms. Separate butane gas canisters are not included. Moreover, you can also use LPG cylinders, with the help of a separate adapter connection.


BROGBUS RAF inflatable car mattress comes with two air pillows, an air pump, and a repair kit. It’s compatible with all mainstream car models except for lengthened vehicles. The surface of the air bed mattress is made up of sleek black flocked material and it feels like a soft feather. The bottom is of oxford fabric which is waterproof, anti-dust, and easy to clean. u see a yellow sentence, shorten or split it.


 GINNI tablet coin tissues compressed towels which expand with water. These are made from natural biodegradable fibers which are gentle for sensitive skin. Also, good for babies/kids to use as face wipes. An ideal choice for traveling/picnic/parties/camping.


PINNACLE Primero ice cooler box holds 30 liters and keeps it cold for 72 hours. The icebox is BPA-free and FDA-approved material. It can be your traveling partner for picnics, beach parties, or camping. The cooler is sturdy, robust, and has tough resistance.


BVB Mart’ foldable lightweight charcoal barbeque and tandoori grill. A perfect partner for any road trip. This BBQ grill oven comes with a 12 pcs stainless steel stick, wooden stick, and silicon brush. The best option for smoky, tandoor flavor food lovers. Super perfect for outdoor parties of 3-5 people.


‘FEELLE’ brand packs a 24000 mAh solar power bank with 2xUSB Ports. It has 3-solar panels with an inbuilt flashlight for emergency situations during trips. The bright flashlight has three modes (steady, SOS, strobe). It can charge your phone while it itself is being charged in sunlight. It can be useful for people going hiking or for a long road trip. Besides that, it also supports 1A charging. Mostly, it is compatible with all the gadgets.


 WILDCRAFT’s Rucksacks can hold up to 45 liters capacity. Made for long journeys like trekking, hiking through harsh conditions and terrains. It has multifunction features like haul loops for heavier workloads, several pockets, and easy access is useful for all the trips. Its ergonomic design helps to increase comfort and improve the back system. These Rucksacks are made with abrasion-resistant material and fabric with high tensile strength.


INSTACUPPA’s Stainless steel thermos travel mug is sleek and can hold up to 470 ml. Its double-layered vacuum insulation keeps the beverages hot for up to 6 hrs. & cold up to 12 hrs. This travel tumbler is BPA-free, sweatproof designed & the plastic used is of food grade. Also, it easily fits in backpacks or standard cup holders. Its spill-proof & leak-proof design makes it easy to carry while traveling.


BETUS’s inflatable footrest is to make traveling with family on trips more comfortable. The best part is it can inflate in less than 1 min by mouth and is even quicker to deflate. Besides being a footrest, it can also be used as a chair, pillow, legroom, or as a bed to lay down for kids. Also, it can fit into any luggage. Best suited for airplanes, cars, buses, trains, camping as it weighs less than half kg.


LIFESTRAW’s water purifier water bottle can store up to 650 ml of filtered water. A Made in Korea product is ideal for trekking, camping, and long travels. As well, it can filter up to 1000 liters of water. It has a hollow fiber membrane that filters 0.2 microns and removes 99.9999% of bacteria and parasites. 


This LED torch flashlight can withstand any atmosphere as it is built with aviation-grade aluminum. Its ergonomic design gives a firm grip as well it is an anti-abrasive. This rugged LED torch can withstand any weather condition. It’s an ideal choice to carry along camping, hiking, and trekking. This torch also has a floodlight and SOS modes for emergencies. The LED Torch includes 3*AAA batteries. A powerful spotlight throws an intense beam of light up to 600 feet. It can also be extended from 5.3 inches to 6.2 inches.


COLEMAN’s cool weather sleeping bag is warm and cozy as it is made of polyester and soft tricot fiber blend liner. This sleeping bag can handle temperatures up to -1⁰ C to 10⁰ C and is suitable for heights up to 5ft 11 inches. Other than a sleeping bag it can also be used for a blanket as it has full zip. Easy to carry and roll control design makes it easy to fold. Its thermo-lock system prevents heat loss through the zipper. Even for warmer nights, it’s easy to zip-unzip from the bottom. The best part, you can connect with another sleeping bag which will expand the sleeping space.


VOROLY’s rooftop cargo bag is made of military-grade material. It has resistance against water, harsh weather, corrosion, and UV. This rooftop cargo carrier fits all cars with/without a rack. The cargo bag has a volume of 15 cubic feet, which is enough to store all traveling essentials. Also, it can shrink to different sizes with the help of 8 adjustable straps.

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