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Nikon D5600 can be a beginner to step forward camera. It can become your lightweight travel partner.  If you are looking for a camera and want to expand your photographic skills to make consistently superb pictures without any difficulty, then take this camera and the kit lens, put it on Auto mode, and enjoy the great results.

  • Model Name: Nikon D5600
  • Sensor Size: 23.5 mm x 15.6 mm
  • Effective Pixels: 24.2MP
  • Weight (camera only): 415 gms
  • Battery Life: 970 shots
  • ISO Sensitivity: ISO 100 - 25,600
  • Flipout LCD
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Superb low light performance
  • Battery life
  • Touchscreen interface
  • 1080p video
  • No image stabilisation
  • No built-in focus motor

Nikon D5600 is a really great choice for all of you who are interested in taking pictures while traveling. It has great image quality and long battery life (Approx 970 shots per charge). It’s also very easy to use, and the fully articulated screen is handy for those of you who want to take selfies, but can also take sharp detailed images, even at higher ISO levels. D5600’s wide standard ISO range of 100 to 25600 allows you to keep shooting crisp, clean images.

The D5600’s highly refined touch interface makes a range of operations incredibly intuitive to use.

It has a wide shutter speed range, and it also has a great photo autofocus system which does a decent job of tracking moving subjects, using a high ISO setting also enables you to shoot at faster shutter speeds, letting you take blur-free pictures with less noise without using a flash.

His DSLR is a little bit bulky, so it’s not the most convenient to bring along with you on trips, but if you are looking for a great camera with some great features, and you don’t mind that little bit of exercise, then this is definitely one that we recommend.

Using your smartphone screen as a camera monitor, you can release the shutter from a distance. Its Image Sensor Cleaning function vibrates the optical filter at multiple frequencies in order to shake off dust every time the camera is switched on and off.


BUILD QUALITY, It has a very sturdy build and seems stealthy with a matte black finish. It is also fairly compact and much smaller than all the DSLRs and hence is really easy to hold and take around. It comes with a 24 megapixel APS C CMOS sensor which is the same one found in the D 7200.

The Xenon flash is also built-in, which is great for taking low-light photos, and there is a microphone jack for external audio as the mic on board is not very amazing. This will really improve the audio quality of videos.

D5600 comes with a standard as well as a two-stage shutter button. Another thing to note is that it’s not waterproof, or weatherproof, but all around. It’s a very valuable package and big thumbs-up to a Nikon for this quality.

 The D5600 does most of what the D750 does and the picture quality is nearly the same, even though it is an APS-C format. It weighs less than half of the D750.

Image Credit: Nikon D5600

DISPLAY, It’s one of the standout features of this DSLR, as it’s a rotatable display, so it can be rotated in any direction to fit our needs, taking shots closer to the ground or from high up is made very easy. It can be rotated completely which is very great for people who shot themselves a lot, especially content creators. It’s a 3.2-inch touchscreen display, which gets really bright, and has a resolution of 1037k dots, which is more than enough. The touchscreen display makes it very easy to navigate the menu engine settings and almost every setting can be changed on the screen itself. It’s much faster than using a scroll wheel on the buttons. The touch to capture replicates what you do on a smartphone, and can be turned off and use only to focus.

FOCUS, Nikon has implemented a new AF-P technology that uses a step-up motor that is pretty silent, accurate, and pretty fast. It has 39 autofocus points(3x more than the D3400) that will lock on and hold tight the subject in frame, out of 39 focus points 9 are cross-type. Even, we can use the touchscreen to zoom in and zoom out of photos and scroll through the entire gallery, just as done on smartphones, making it a very seamless experience. It shoots fast action with confidence at 5 fps so it never misses that perfect moment.

KIT LENS, You can achieve clarity and low noise with the D5600 and a versatile NIKKOR kit lens. Its large high-resolution sensor and broad ISO range help deliver high-quality photos and videos in nearly any condition, from sunny skies to dimly-lit concerts. And with a wide range of interchangeable NIKKOR lenses at your disposal, images with stunning background blur and richly-toned contrasts are yours for the taking. There is the 18 to 55 mm lens, which is the kit lens that comes in the box. Also, a telephoto 70 to 300 mm lens can be grabbed with a camera for a fraction of its original price. Lenses have vibration reduction and use the new AFP technology. Also, another thing to note is that the normal range requires a button to be pressed and rotated, before being used, but overall the lenses are really nice. In image quality, the Kit Lenses turned out to be sharp and clear. Macro lenses are really nice with good background blur and photos turned out really nice and bright in light, portraits are good and so is the capturing landscapes, is when you find a quality difference between cheap and expensive lenses, where the photo was plenty sharp and details were present even after cropping into the photo.

Moreover, the autofocus mode is really amazing to capture really fast-moving objects in good detail. That too without any prior thought of capturing it, which was pretty impressive, low light performance was also decent, an ISO 3200 & 6400 were pretty nice. ISO 12,800 is bearable but ISO 25,600 had way too much noise, not recommended use. In the video, it maxes out at 1080p 60 fps and is really good. The vibration reduction on the lenses is average. And it would have been better if it was built into the camera, so you don’t need an external intervalometer.

APP, The SnapBridge app enables your camera to send photos to your phone through a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. Thus, making automatic upload of your images possible. The connection is accurate, but the battery life shows 100% all the time on your phone, which is not very nice. Also, you can send 2MP compressed photos or the original photo, but 2MP transfer is faster and also more social media-friendly. Get your Nikon ID and enjoy free, unlimited automatic upload of 2-megapixel images (JPEGs) to the NIKON IMAGE SPACE cloud storage service.

Overall, It is classified as an “Entry Level Camera” but it takes amazing photos! The perfect camera for an amateur with the image quality and the kit lenses. The Nikon D5600 is a very capable camera, and one of the best in the range. It is aimed at people who want to step up from the beginner camera.

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