OnePlus Nord 2 Allegedly Exploded Again in India

OnePlus brand once again in a trouble for  explosion in smartphone. The Brand which is popularly known as Flagship Killer, people have started calling this brand as Fire Killer.

In late September, another user reported an explosion of the OnePlus Nord 2 5G charger. The company responded to that report and blamed external factors for the incident.

Now, once again the incident of a fierce blast has come to the fore in this mobile phone. This time this mobile phone has exploded in the paint pocket of a boy, in which not only the person has been badly scorched that but the fire in OnePlus Nord 2 has also burnt the boy’s flesh.

OnePlus side: No statement has been issued by the company yet on this accident caused by OnePlus Nord 2 smartphone. Till the time of writing the news, people associated with the company are investigating the matter and finding out the reason for the fire. After the full investigation, what will be the result of the company and what will be the views of the company, it will all be updated in this news.

This accident caused by OnePlus Nord 2 has been posted on the internet by a Twitter user named Suhit Sharma. Suhit has not told the complete details in his tweet, but the shared photos not only give information about this matter but also the magnitude of the accident can also be estimated. The Twitter user has warned the OnePlus company in strong words that because of it innocent people are facing bad torture and they should be ready to face the consequences.

The OnePlus Nord 2 was fitted with a mobile cover when the smartphone caught fire and the burnt part of that cover is also visible on the thigh of the injured user lying on a hospital bed. The mobile user has suffered damage due to the fire and explosion in the phone, but it is not possible to say how long and in how many days he will be fully fit.

According to the information received through the tweet, the OnePlus Nord 2 smartphone caught fire when it was in the pocket of the user’s jeans. Due to the tight fitting of the jeans and the small pocket size, the phone could not be pulled out quickly and it burst in the pocket of the paint. This fire was so strong that the phone stuck on the skin of the young man from inside the paint and burning his skin also scorched his flesh.

Image Credit: Twitter/ Suhit Sharma (@suhitrulz)

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