Do Headphone Explodes?


As technology is evolving day by day so are we getting more and more dependent on technology.

You might have heard about this in the news that a man died in Rajashtan, India. He was using the Bluetooth headphone while the smartphone was plugged into an electrical outlet. Both ears were injured due to the blast. According to a doctor, the boy died due to a cardiac arrest which was caused by the headphone explosion.

Another past case, when a sleeping passenger burned one side of their face and lips while using a Bluetooth headphone around the neck. It exploded and caught fire.

This is the case of saying ‘excess of any anything is not bad, it is worst’. 


In simple words when the electrolytes present in the Li-ion battery reacts with battery’s other chemical and creates a gas inside the device and kind of explodes or starts burning, this happens due to excess heat generated from external sources or due to the faulty battery.

The wired earphones/headphones are safe.

The only issue is with the Bluetooth headphones/earbuds. Any device which has a battery can explode. Wireless headphones have two Li-ion batteries (both sides) which are rechargeable. These batteries have the potential to ignite in case of overheating because of the flammable electrolyte. Even if one side of the cell overheats, it can heat the other side of the cell too.

Headphone hardware doesn’t have any issue, it’s the battery that causes a spark. If we put excess pressure or overheat the battery, then the electrolyte inside can catch fire.


In most cases, it is the user’s mistake, lack of knowledge, and negligence. In order to avoid any accident, we should take various precautions

  1. Do not overcharge the battery.
  2. Use the branded chargers or the compatible chargers with the right voltage range.
  3. Do not use cheap earbuds, damage or scratch the battery and avoid exposure to excessive heat. 
  4. Do not take calls while your connected device (mobile) is on charging.
  5. Do not listen to too many songs on headphones.
  6. Do not buy cheap, non-branded Bluetooth headphones

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