Cheap Home Improvement Products Under 500

List of Home Improvement Products Online under 500 to improve the value and efficiency of your home.

Cheap Home Improvement Products not only enhance the overall look of your home but also adds value. All Products Under 500 can bring big difference to home.

In-Home Improvements there are various things you can do that will increase the overall value of your home. Home improvement does not need to be something that is excessively expensive or that takes a lot of time. Consider these under ₹500 products to improve the value and efficiency of your home. Here is the list of cheap home improvement products under ₹500 available online in India.


Aroma oil diffusers are the best option to help you in relaxation and sound sleep at home. All you need is few drops of oil in diffuser, candles or potpourri. These even helps to repel insects. These comes in various flavors and each bottle contains 15 ml each.

These Multi purpose cable clip set allows to easily secure and organize cable cords. It is made of durable silicon material and can easily fit from 2-8mm thick cables. Cable protectors can be mounted at desk, walls, TV, cubicles.

The sealing clips can  be used to seal all types of food packs or snacks to keep the food stays fresh for a longer period . It is convenient, durable and reusable. These clips are easy to use and the grip is strong enough to hold the pack. 

These sealing strips placed under door draft as a stopper, it can even be used to seal windows for insulating all outside air flow. Its useful in maintaining Air Conditioner temp. and  keeping room cold, dust free and bugs free. These strips are easy to install, can be customized as per the door size.

Glass kapoor dani and essential oil diffuser has switch to toggle between burner and lamp. The Diffuser is made up of glass and heating plate is of stainless  steel. It helps to create the ambient and positive atmosphere at home. Best for home temples and gift ideas.

The Classic Mosquito net door curtains have self sealing magnetic closure gives a hands free walk through the door. It has 26 strong magnetic points which makes the screen mesh close quicker and silently. These mesh are designed to keep fresh air in and bugs, mosquito out.

Wall mounted holder has 4 slots and 5 hooks and can holds up to 30 kgs of weight. It comes with high quality ABS plastic &  spring loaded clamps to last longer. This organizer is designed to hold various household objects.

The long foldable microfiber fan cleaning duster is made of stainless steel. It can bent to any shape thus easy to clean high ceiling and difficult areas. The microfiber duster is easy to clean, washable. The telescopic pole is extendable, tough and sturdy.

Touchwood coating spray is DIY paint your wooden furniture. It helps to restore the dull furniture and makes the wood surface glossy. The spray provides the protection against household stains. One 400 ml bottle can easily cover area 16 to 20 sq ft.

The 360 degree rotatable water faucet has 2 modes – shower mode and foaming mode. The pipe is flexible and stiff enough to hold at a position. It makes easy to extend the kitchen tap and comfortable to do dishes. The faucet also helps to control water wastage too.

The energy efficient motion sensor light automatically power offs after 15-20 sec of inactivity and turns on motion detected within 7-10 ft. range. It is quite simple to install, no wiring required, 2 sided 3M doube sided adhesive sticks to any surface. The smart light  only turns ON in dark envienvironment. environment.

The Automatic wireless water can dispenser pump is convenient to carry and use anywhere to avoid heavy lifting of Water Jars. It is suitable for 2-5 gallon water bottles and has inbuilt 1200 mAh battery which requires 8 hrs initial charge and can be easily used for 10 -15 days. The length of the pipe of pump can easily fits upto 20 Liters can.

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