Best Drones for Beginners in India

Best Drones for Beginners available in India: content creators, vloggers, and even kids can try their hands on these drones.

Drones have become a very common flying device that is also known as UAS ( Unmanned Aircraft System). As the name suggests, these kinds of aircraft do not hold a pilot with them. Then how this device is controlled? Drones are controlled by a pilot or a controller sitting on the ground holding some control sticks of a transmitter. From the transmitter, signals are generated, and they go to the satellite, and then to the satellite which further sends the signals to the Drone.

In the case of Drone technology, the engineers mount a satellite-based communication system in the drone. Radio Frequency transmission is a good sort of signal transmission, and it is commonly applied in short-range areas. Whereas radio frequency is not useful for long-distance communication. However, there is a chance of signal loss at any time, and it is very crucial. Therefore, the satellite is a trusted system to communicate with the drone.

New Guidelines for Drone Flying in India as of Aug. 2021

Drones are used for a wide range of activities from a hobby to visual arts to industrial purposes. However, operating a drone in India meant navigating through cumbersome procedures. All of that has been now simplified by a new policy for manufacturers, importers, and users.

The new rules are being structured on the foundation of trust-based regulation rather than policing the industry. The new policy has simplified the process of gaining approvals for operating a drone.

Several cumbersome processes and compliance procedures have been eradicated and will now be to a single Windows system by the Digital Sky Platform for companies and individuals alike. The government is setting up a unified platform called the Digital Sky platform for checking restrictions for drone usage. Digital Sky platform will display, green, yellow, and red zones for flying drones.

This new policy, however, will bring relief to industry players, further giving clarity on drone usage in India, new drone policy will also give a boost to the new users.

  • The number of permissions required has been reduced from 25 to just 5.
  • A security clearance is also not needed before registration.
  • Under the new policy, the penalty has been reduced to 1 lakh rupees from 5 lakh rupees, but it is subjected to a violation of other norms.
  • Operators no longer need a license to fly nano or micro for non-commercial purposes.
  • The yellow zone has been reduced to 12 – 45 km from airports.
  • Permission will not be required for flying drones between 12 to 8 km perimeter of an airport, up to 200 feet.
  • All drones can be registered online through the digital sky platforms.

If you are a novice and want to try your hand on drones, flying a DJI Tello is the solution. Just take your smartphone and you are ready to fly anytime with intuitive controls.

DJI Tello is lightweight (less than 100gms), compact and durable to carry along the trips. It comes with two antennas for better video transmission. This Tello drone can fly up to 50 Ft. above ground level to capture great pictures and videos. It is equipped with a high-quality image processor in a 5MP camera 📸 that can easily give high resolution (2592×1936) photos and HD (720) videos.

The best part is the high-quality image processor, which shoots incredible photos and videos. Even if you don’t know how to fly, you can record pro-level videos with EZ Shots and easily share them on social media from a smartphone.

In full charge, you can enjoy up to 8 – 13 min of flight time at a max speed of 17.9 mph. It is compatible with Indian conditions and won’t require any flying license.

Technical Details:
  • Brand – DJI
  • Model Number – D2904
  • Max Speed – 17.9 mph
  • Max Flight Time – 13 min
  • Type – Professional Drone
  • Battery Type – AA Battery
  • Flying height – 50 Ft.
  • Feature – ‎DJI drone flight technology,720p Live View, Throw & Go, 8D Flips, Bounce Mode, Auto takeoff/landing, Vision Positioning system, Low battery protection, Failsafe protection, Easy videos shooting modes, Electronic Image Stabilization, Intel processor.
  • Control Type – Remote control
  • Inside the box – Tello powered by DJI, 4x Propellers (Pair), Propeller Guards (Set), Battery, Micro USB


  • Compact & easy to carry
  • Easy controls
  • Good for beginners
  • Good picture quality


  • Not for windy conditions
  • Poor performance in low lighting
  • Short range
  • No memory card slot
  • No remote control

As the name suggests, it is more of a toy drone, best for gifting purposes to boys above 10. Even beginners can try their hands on this drone. This awesome toy drone is packed with amazing features like a long battery and good stability, though it is not recommended to fly near the beach areas. Interestingly, you can experience quadcopter flying with this drone.

Super Toy is packed with a rechargeable battery having flying time up to 10-12 min at a maximum height of 40 m. In addition to that, it can do 360 Degree Spins, tumbling flipping, and Flips.

The Super Toy Wi-Fi drone can easily be controlled from mobile through its app. It also comes with a headless mode. It has One Key Return Function, a Wider Control Range, an Anti-Interference of Wind, and 2 Speed/Rudder Modes.

Technical Details:
  • Brand – Super Toy
  • Type – Toy Drone
  • Battery Type – 380 mAh, 3.7 Volt LI-PO (included)
  • Flying height –  40 meters
  • Max Flight Time – 10-12 min
  • Camera – 2 MP
  • Control Type – Remote control
  • Features – Headless Mode, Hovering Function, One Key Take OFF/Landing, 360° Degree Rolling, LED Light. Video Record, FPV Real-Time, 2.4GHz Radio, Wider Control Range, Anti-Interference of Wind and 2 Speed/Rudder Modes with One Key Return Function


  • Easy control
  • One Key return
  • Headless mode


  • Average camera quality
  • Battery performance

DJI Mavic Mini may look like a toy but it has features that make it a product that is the envy of more professional drones. Its diagonal measures just 213 mm and it weighs only 249 grams. Its weight was not decided by chance but it allows this drone to fall under the legislation.

The 3-axis gimbal  2.7K Camera stabilizer assure to keep the image perfectly stabilized and stunning stills with a 12MP camera 📸  even in the presence of a good wind that makes the drone worth your travel partner. The best part is the video quality as it captures 2.7k at 30fps and 1080p at 60fps. Mavic Mini does not have onboard storage and does not come with a micro SD card. Connectivity is solid, there is no fear of losing connection, as it is the FCC version it can transmit up to 4 km HD video transmission.

One of its strengths is the battery life that DJI claims a maximum of 30 minutes. Users can get a flight time of 20-25 min easily in moderate usage.

Technical Details:
  • Brand – DJI
  • Recommended Age – 12+
  • Weight – 249 gms
  • Type – Toy/Professional
  • Camera – 12MP
  • Battery Type – 2600 mAh
  • Flying Time – 30 min
  • Flying Height – 15 to 500 m
  • Control Type – Remote control (included)
  • Features –  DJI Fly app, Quick Shot, which include Dronie, Circle, Helix, and Rocket, Flight Tutorial


  • Battery life
  • Easy controls
  • Compact
  • 3-axis gimbal
  • Nano design


  • Lack of anti-collision sensors,
  • Lack of following me
  • No 4K

Believe me, this drone may look tiny but it packs advanced features in a portable frame.

DJI Mini 2 is an ideal choice for all beginners, travelers, and content creators who want to try their hands on drones and capture beautiful memories. It just weighs just 249 gms and fits easily in your travel accessories. It’s incredibly compact and lightweight and that feature allows users to carry along the trips.

In addition to that, Mini 2 can resist 29-38kph winds and it can take off at a max altitude of 4,000 meters. Moreover, It can easily handle shooting at beaches, windy coastlines, or at high altitudes. Likewise, similar to other drones in this price range, this one can also bundle 30 min of flight time on a single charge which gives it a worth to take away for long trips. Furthermore, DJI Mini 2 comes with a controller which weighs around 390 gm. The best part is that it is easy to operate buttons with a spring-loaded phone holder which is compatible with iOS/Android and DJI Fly App.

Users can enjoy HD video transmission which supports up to 10 km. With its excellent anti-interference capabilities, it gives the ability to fly farther and see clearer. Besides all, it also captures smooth and sharp footage in 4k at 30fps. Its 3-axis gimbal provides better video stability (yaw, pitch, and roll). A 12MP 📸 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor with a maximum resolution of 4000 x 30004, captures stunning memories. In addition to that users can also enhance the images with the built-in Photo Optimization DJI Fly App.

Technical Details:
  • Recommended ages: 12+
  • Camera resolution: 12MP
  • Video resolution: Ultra-Clear 4k video
  • Stabilization: 3-axis (tilt, roll, pan)
  • Range: 10km
  • Weight: 242g
  • Flight Time: 30 min
  • Battery size: 5200mAh
  • Features: DJI Fly App, Quick shot mode, Intelligent mode, Panorama
  • Controller Type:  Remote control (Included)
  • Inside the box: Aircraft x 1, Remote Controller, DJI Mavic Mini 2 Intelligent Flight Battery, Spare Propellers (Pair), Type-C Cable, Gimbal Protector, RC Cable (Micro USB connector), RC Cable (USB-C connector), RC Cable (Lightning connector), Spare Control Sticks (Pair)


  • Battery Life
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • 4k HD video


  • No follow mode
  • GPS accuracy

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