17 Cool Unique Kitchen Tools To Make Life Easier

List of Cool Unique Kitchen Gadgets

Unique Kitchen Tools make the kitchen space well-organized and at the same time make life easier.

In the home a kitchen is considered as one of the most essential areas, it is the heart of the home. A beautiful and well-organized kitchen saves time as well makes work easier. Choosing unique kitchen equipment and tools is very important and at the same time challenging. INNOV8 curated a list of Unique Kitchen Tools To Make Life Easier.

List of Unique Kitchen Tools

Most Loved Kitchen Tool

This handy chopper is a unique kitchen tool made of food-grade ABS plastic and the best part is it doesn’t require any electricity. The 5 Blades are razor-sharp enough to chop finely with less effort. It comes in handy in chopping veggies. Furthermore, the container is dishwasher-friendly (without blades) and has a grip pad on the bottom to hold the container from slipping.

This collapsible colander is a very useful and unique kitchen tool, can be used as a strainer for cleaning and rinsing veggies, fruits, etc. It can be used both ways either over a sink or on a kitchen platform. The handles can be expanded up to 24″. Moreover, it is safe for use as it has used FDA Approved, food-grade silicon plastic.

This liquid soap dispenser can be used in the kitchen, restaurants, café, and all other washing utensils areas. The soap dispenser has a strong high-grade pump which makes the product highly durable. In addition to that, it comes with free scrub and scrub holder. The dispenser gives the attractive look for a better aesthetic to the kitchen and can be a handy and cool kitchen product.


This cool kitchen Fondant rolling mat is non-toxic, non-stick, heat resistant, and durable for a longer period. This large mat (50*40cm) is ideal for kneading, rolling, and shaping bread in the kitchen. The silicone baking mat is of quality food silicon and has circular and square marks to make the right size bread.

To enjoy authentic South Indian traditional style coffee at home. It is sturdy stainless steel built with a capacity of 150 ml which is ideal for 2 cups of coffee. Filtered coffee is easy to prepare in just 4 simple steps with the help of a drip maker. If you are a coffee lover person then this is a must-have in your kitchen.

This unique kitchen Multi-Purpose wall-mounted dispenser is designed to store all kinds of food like rice, grains, etc. It has six-grid high-quality food-grade containers. The dispensers are sturdy enough to hold 10 kg depending on the cereals. The transparent containers have easy access to what is inside as well as a measuring cup that comes along with the dispenser. This Kitchen Tool will make life easier.

These 1000 ml Oil Dispenser glass bottles are easy to use and maintain ambiance in the kitchen and look unique and cool. The drip-free top has stainless steel pour spout.  The bottle has a non-slip design and shatterproof design to use for a longer period.

This 360-degree revolving spice rack looks elegant and serves its purpose in the kitchen. The jars are sturdy enough and made with food-grade material. The rack comes with 16 detachable jars with rotatable lids with a 2-hole section for easy dispense. each Jar can hold up to 80 ml of spice, grams, dry fruits, etc.

This 1.2 L electric kettle comes with a transparent glass lid. It can be helpful for basic works like heating, boiling, and maintaining the temperature. Moreover, it can also be used for cooking noodles, oats, soup. The Kettle has a 360-deg swivel base.

The Kitchen Storage rack is portable and easy to set up quickly. It can be used to store utensils This multipurpose rack has a drainer rack which can be used for keeping wet utensils as well. Due to its compact size, it can be used in less space and can easily be foldable.

This lightweight and sturdy weighing scale are rectangular in shape with a rounded hoop for easy hanging. It has a clear LCD display with large black font. The scale comes with a CR-2032 battery which gives long battery life. The weighing scales measure from 1gm to 5kg.

Now getting your kitchen knives razor-sharp is as easy as cutting fruits. This knife sharpener. Its 3-step (ceramic, coarse, fine) knife sharpening system makes the dull knife sharp enough to cut smoothly. 

This slim space-saving storage rack has 4 layers to store and is easy to move with the help of wheels and is durable enough to store. The slim design of the rack is easy to fit in any space and has easy installation.

These silicone gloves are made with heat resistance with FDA-approved silicone, which means they can be sterilized with boiling water and microwave (2min). This multipurpose glove can be used for cleaning utensils or car wash. The non-slip texture ensures a better grip. It comes in a free size to fit all hands.

Smokeless Electric Barbeque grill gives a high-quality grilling with no smoke, no charcoal. It is easy to enjoy the barbeque sitting at home just like the conventional charcoal. It keeps the food fat-free. The Electric table grill comes with 5-temperature settings It’s less than 2kgs so it’s easy to carry along.

These clips might be a small thing but they can save a lot of food by sealing it to use later. The sealing clips can be used to seal all types of food packs or snacks to keep the food stays fresh for a longer period. It is convenient, durable, and reusable. These clips are easy to use and the grip is strong enough to hold the pack. 

Wall Vinyl stickers are self-adhesive peel, which is easy to cut and trim. This Silver peel makes a kitchen look stylish, as well it helps to keep the area anti-oil, anti-dust. It is made from plastic and aluminum foil, which makes it stronger and has heat resistance. These vinyl stickers can be used in kitchen areas, background walls. 

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