Top Indoor Games For Kids

The Indoor Toys that Kids of All Ages will Love to Play. Here is the list of bestsellers in Toys for Kids that can be played along with family and friends.

Indoor Toys & Games not only keep entertained but also boost many skills in kids. Innov8 Product curated list of Indoor Games for Kids.

The first things which come to mind while thinking of kids is fun, entertainment, playtime. Most kids love to play outdoor games in the garden or park with friends. But, this pandemic restricted us from going out, mixing with people, and being hesitant to send our kids to play with friends. As we spend most of the time indoor these days with kids and family. 

To keep kids engaged and entertained there are plenty of indoor games available online for kids which they can play along with their parents/siblings. This will keep kids safe and yet busy and entertained. The games available for kids of all ages are designed to enhance creativity and boosts motor skills. Here is curated list of bestseller Toys for Kids / Family from INNOV8.  

List of Indoor Games for Kids

Play and enjoy the old traditional classic game with your family or friends at home or can take along for outdoor trips. This game boosts eye/hand and controls your body rhythm. The mat is made of eco-friendly PVC Flex and long enough (3.5ft X 8ft). It is easy to clean, soil and sand resistant.

This bow and arrow set is similar to a real bow. It is made with durable ABS plastic, sturdy enough to play. Archery is an outdoor game but this bow and arrow are made for an indoor to teach kids basics. The bow comes with 3-Arrows and a shooting board. It develops motor skills & hand, eye coordination. This is the Best Birthday gift for kids. Ideal age: 5 years to 8 years.

Air Football uses air to float on the surface, it has foam cushion on side edges suitable for all ages. Even after kicking it keep floating on the floor. It can easily be charged and gives up to 1 hour of playful time. It works best on smooth surfaces like(tiles, marbles, granite). It’s a Made In India product. Ideal for all ages, starting age 3 years.

This 6-pins & 1-bowl game set will bring a smile to your kid’s face and hours of unlimited fun. It built hand-eye coordination among kids. The ball has holes to fit tiny fingers. Ideal age: 3 to 8 years old.

Mini Football game is not only ideal for kids but a family can enjoy together. It’s a complete party game. The foosball is sturdily made of fiberwood, steel rods, and has anti sip grips to hold the table. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor. Ideal age 3 years and up.

This classic strategy naval combat game can be played between 2 players and can be enjoyed by kids and adults. It builds competitive, strategic skills and at the same time brings excitement to destroy opponents’ fleet ships. It is an awesome indoor game. Ideal for 7 years and up.

This Classic stacking tower game is most popular among kids and adults for generations. It boosts motor skills and enhances hand-eye coordination. The Jenga includes 54-precision crafted hardwood blocks. It can be played solo or in groups. It can be the best gift for kids above 6 years.

This classic strategy game is easy to learn but hard to master and gives hours of entertainment, be it indoor while traveling, or outdoor picnics. Othello is great fun not only for kids but all families can enjoy this endless fun. It improves strategic skills and lateral thinking. This strategic game can be played between 2 players. Ideal for 7 years and up.

Topple is a fun game that boosts balancing and strategy skills. As the name suggests player needs to prevent the pieces from toppling from the board. It gives endless fun and exercises to the brain. 2-4 players can enjoy the game with family or friends. Ideal for 6 years and above.

“Hungry Hungry Hippo” is a fun game that involves 2-4 players, whoever, finishes maximum marble chomping, wins. This game can be enjoyed with family and friends. The game comes with 20 marbles and 4 hippos. It is ideal for 4 years and up.

This classic game of Connect 4  is an ancient popular game called PLOT 4 or Four in a row. Kids and families can enjoy together this strategy-based game. It keeps engaged and quick pace fun, person who rules the grid and connects 4 in a row first, wins. It is ideal for 6 years and up.

Mikado’s game requires skill and a lot of patience with a steady hand. It is a fun and intellectual game for all groups of ages. The Wooden box has 31 handcrafted wooden sticks. This game is most loved among the corporate gifting purpose, as it is a team-building activity. Ideal for 6 years and up.

Become a Dentist for a Bulldog, Find out which tooth is bothering him, but be careful if you pressed the sore tooth, he might bite. This Toy not only built Hand-Eye coordination among kids but also a total time pass game for kids to play along with family and friends.  

Play and enjoy the most popular Classic Word Game with family and friends. It not only entertain the kids but also improves their vocabulary. Scrabble teaches new words and a meanings in a fun way. This game can be enjoyed among 2-4 people.

Develop engineering skills in your child. Along with the skills keep your child busy and engaged. Moreover, Kids can build 6 different DIY models from the tools. Not only kids, but even elders can also enjoy along. Built with steel and high-grade plastic for longer use.

Best gift for your child’s development and logical thinking. The construction set comes with a guidebook. Kids and elders can create as many models. Indulges your child in hours of fun and learning experience. The ideal age is 7+ kids.

Do you or your child love popping bubble wraps? Then you will definitely love this fidget toy. It is made with food-grade material, so it is safe for kids. These fidgets are the most loved toy among kids. This is the best stress relieving toy.

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